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Pest Worx are termite specialists! We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and are committed to using quality termite treatment products for your home or commerical premises.

We provide termite treatment services for private homes and commercial buildings such as motels, hotels, schools, warehouses, sheds and office buildings.


  • Locally owned and operated
  • We use high quality products
  • We use quality termite control products
  • Reliable and trustworthy staff
  • We have over 20 years of experience
  • Our pricing is competitive

Termite Inspections

One in three Australian homes will have termites at some stage, and require termite treatment. With such a prevalence it is crucial to get your home inspected annually, just to make sure that you haven’t had some unwelcome visitors since your last inspection. Termite colonies need a constant supply of food, so they do move from one property to another. Just because you had no termite issues last time doesn’t mean you should let your regular inspections slip. PestWorx staff are specialists in inspecting properties for signs of termites, and for treating termite infestations. We have the latest in termite detection equipment including motion sensors, heat sensors and sound sensors, however it is often difficult to inspect houses – the inspector needs good access to all timbers within the structure. This is obviously impossible in most cases therefore; you need a professional who can;

  • Talk to you about the risk of subterranean Termite Infestation to your property.
  • Inform you of the areas that cannot be inspected and any risk from a failure to inspect.
  • Give you advise on conditions that are conducive to timber pest attack and how these conditions can be rectified to better protect your home, for example, garden beds which are too high.
  • Give suggestions on a suitable pest management program which meets with Australian Standards.

Make sure you choose an inspector such as PestWorx that is insured. Because unfortunately 50% of the Pest Management Industry in Australia is uninsured.  Ask for your inspectors Certificate of Currency and their Timbersafe Accreditation, to make sure their insurance status can be confirmed. Pestworx is covered by Australia’s leading and most comprehensive Pest Control Industry insurer Pacific International Insurance Limited.

Warranty Termite Inspections

Do you have a newly built home? All new homes are built with termite protection systems (physical barriers and reticulation systems) as part of the build, and the termite protection system comes with a manufactures warranty. However to maintain the warranty you MUST meet your obligations which is regular termite inspections to validate the Termite Barrier Warranty. These inspections need to be carried out annually or less. After the inspection, this will activate your warranty for another 12 months. All Termite Management Systems come with Warranties varying from 10 years to 50 years, so make sure you don’t get caught out.

Annual Termite Inspections

Your home is your biggest asset, and imagine if it was being eaten away without you even being aware! For the cost of an annual termite inspection you can cross that worry off your list and rest easy knowing that your asset is protected.  PestWorx staff are accredited termite inspectors.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

Make sure that the new home you are buying is not infested with termites! The last thing you need is the expense of rectifying a major infestation due to someone else’s negligence. You don’t want to encounter any nasty surprises or expensive repairs when you start your first renovation. Evidence of timber pest damage and activity is encountered in one in every three homes. Termites alone can cause more than $80 million in damage each year to Australian homes. It is vital that you have a professional timber pest inspection performed before you decide to buy.


I’ve seen a winged insect which I know is a flying termite in my home. Do I have termites now?

Termite Alates (Future Kings and Queens of the termite world) If you are seeing these guys and girls flying around, landing, dropping their wings it means they are looking for a new home to have happy families and make more termites. Don’t panic it just means there is a nest near your place where they have taken flight from. It is a reminder that termite season is well under way as it gets warmer so best you get an inspection if you haven’t for a while or at all. There may not be a nest in your yard but most species will travel up to 2 km to feed. These flying alates are relatively harmless unless they get established but that is unlikely to happen in your house for the majority of species so don’t panic. Just give Pest Worx QLD a call on 4662 4448 to arrange an inspection.

What do termites look like?

Subterranean termites (the ones usually found in homes) are around the same size as a black ant except they are pale in colour (which is why they are called “white ants”). If you look very closely termites have two sections to their body but ants have three.

Soldier termites have a brown head. Winged termites are called alates. Sometimes confused for moths, the allates fly out from the colony in search of a new environment in which to reproduce and develop a new colony.

Are termites covered by my home insurance?

Don’t be surprised to find that your current building insurance does no cover you against the structural damage that termites cause. Most, if not all, insurance policies specifically exclude structural timber damage cause by termites. How would you like the peace of mind of knowing that if termites invade your home and  caused structural damage, you wouldn’t have to pay the repair bill? TimberSercure is a five year termite insurance policy designed to give you peace of mind following the installation of an approved termite management system.

How do termites infest my house?

Termites can squeeze through very small cracks and holes, using timber in contact with the ground, via “mud tunnels” from the ground, through cracks in concrete,  by pipe penetrations through the slab or foundation walls.



Pest Worx pest control business is located in Dalby, QLD. We service surrounding areas including but not limited to Toowoomba, South Burnett, Southern Downs, Western Downs, Chinchilla, Glenmorgan, Brigalow, Moonie, Tara, Grassdale, Bowenville, MacAlister, Jandowie.


Founded in 1998 Pest Worx quickly built a reputation as one of the leading providers of residential and commercial termite control specialists. Our continuous pursuit for perfection has resulted in consistent growth each year. Our focus is to provide excellent service with quality products.